Meet the team of DeepTech Momentum

Deep Tech Momentum is the go-to bootcamp for the best early-stage Deep Tech investors and entrepreneurs in Europe to accelerate and grow their businesses.

RWTH Aachen is one of the most prestigious tech universities in Europe and among the strongest start-up centers in Germany with more than 100 start-ups founded annually.

Turning most promising ideas into fundable startups.

Martin Schilling
Managing Director Techstars
Marius Rosenberg
Co-initiator DTM
Isabelle Flanagan
Program Lead
Jan Philip Böckers
Program Lead
Brian Daly
Investment Principal
Fabian Degenhardt
Corporate Partnerships
Pia Otto
Laura Rollinger
University Partnerships
Dorian Wetter
Kris Gericke
Investor Partnerships
Malte Stulgies
Program Support
Tristan Spilker
Investment Analyst
Rózsa Simon
Program Support
Delia Arce
Program Support
Laura Lück
Enrique de Lima
Program Support
Viktoria Beck
Investment Associate